assignment to eval in strict code

Mark S. Miller erights at
Thu Feb 12 16:58:20 PST 2009

2009/2/12 Brendan Eich <brendan at>:
> I wouldn't worry about feature creep in terms of strict mode forbidding
> certain identifiers in unambiguous grammatical positions. Some
> implementations already have to work harder if arguments is the left-hand
> side of assignment within a function. Such parser tweaks are also easier to
> get right that the complicated mix of static and runtime checking required
> to implement eval and arguments in ES3 today.
> Feature creep would be adding any more methods to Object, e.g. (although
> IIRC there's a case to be made by Allen for Object.hashcode ;-)).
> More on an eval issue that I misremembered at the January meeting in a
> separate post. It and things like it we don't know about are the bigger
> threats to schedule than the strict mode refinements that amount to making
> certain identifiers reserved.

Good. So does anyone object to ES3.1-strict imposing the same
restrictions on the magic name "arguments" as we will on "eval"?


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