[[Class]] and host objects

Mark S. Miller erights at google.com
Tue Feb 10 18:00:49 PST 2009

2009/2/10 Allen Wirfs-Brock <Allen.Wirfs-Brock at microsoft.com>

>  Mark Miller said:  We can get the effect of specifying such
> indistinguishability simply by specifying that host objects may have as
> their [[Class]] property "Object", or any string not otherwise used by the
> spec as a [[Class]] value.
> I generally agree, but I have two "what about's" that actually go in
> different directions from each other.
> #1 What about "Function" in addition to "Object"? It seems reasonable to
> have host objects that are functions in addition host objects that are
> objects. (Counter-argument: slippery slope)
> #2 Why allow "Object" for  host objects that are required to conform to the
> section 15.3 specification for Object. If they are distinguishable from
> section 15.3 objects they should have [[Class]]=="Object".  An
> implementation can use "HostObject" or something else. (Counter-argument:
> Might confuse some programmers??? (seems weak))
I like your #2 direction a lot. If it were feasible to require that host
objects not even use [[Class]] "Object", I'd be in favor. However, I'm
guessing that would differ too greatly from current browser behavior to have
a chance.

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