Preliminary draft of ES-Harmony modules proposal

Dave Herman dherman at
Sun Feb 8 13:06:43 PST 2009

[I'm having mail server issues, so I apologize if this message doesn't 
thread appropriately.]

Peter Michaux wrote:
> The ServerJS project is a bright light in the server-side JavaScript
> world. Knowing sooner than later if this module idea is appealing to
> the ECMAScript group would be useful information.

We had a good conversation about modules at the January meeting, but 
it's still early to make any predictions. Initial reactions were pretty 
positive, and I think many committee members are in favor of working on 
a module system, but speaking for myself, I'm not ready to commit to a 
particular design yet. I like many aspects of Ihab and Kris's proposal, 
but not all.


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