Can Activation Object have a [[Prototype]]?

Garrett Smith dhtmlkitchen at
Mon Dec 28 20:48:55 PST 2009

Can Activation Object have Object.prototype for [[Prototype]]?

I don't see it explicitly outline in ES3. ES5 uses Lexical Environment
terminology instead.

If Activation Object has a [[Prototype]] as Object.prototype, then
identifiers can be resolved on the activation object.

var toString = 12;
function x(){
  alert( toString );

And so the problem would be that if toString were resolved on the
activation object's [[Prototype]] instead of containing scope, the
result would not be 12, but would be Object.prototype.toString.

The only implmeentation I know of that does this is Blackberry9000. I
called it a bug, but now I am not sure. Is this behavior disallowed by
the specification? If so, where?


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