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Thu Dec 17 11:22:05 PST 2009

I would suggest the following schedule for 2010 that we can confirm at our  
next meeting.
January  27-28 Mozilla
March 24-25 (Yahoo)
May 26-27 (Google or Microsoft)
July 28-29 (Microsoft or Google))
September 29-30 (Mozilla)
November 17-18* (Yahoo or Ecma if with W3C)
* This date is flexible since we may choose to co-locate the November  
meeting with W3C.  All meetings will be  in the Bay area except for  May or July 
when it will be in Redmond.  Hosts in () are suggestions.
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rubys at writes:

It looks  like
is in  desperate need for a little TLC...

Based on the meeting minutes, I  gather that the next meeting is
January 27-28, 2010 @ Mozilla/Mountain  View.  Do we have soft plans
for the remainder of the year?  I'm  looking for something more precise
than "near the end of alternating  months" as I want to proactively
block my calendar.  In fact, what  prompted me is a request that I
speak at a conference at the end of May  that I may turn down if it


- Sam  Ruby
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