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Garrett Smith wrote:
> [[HasOwnProperty]] is mentioned in one place in the spec: s
> Array.prototype.sort (comparefn).
> There is no mention of [[HasOwnProperty]] anywhere else.
> I also see a [[GetOwnProperty]] definition in Table 8 and a definition
> for "own property" (s. 4.3.30).
> Is there a difference between [[HasOwnProperty]] and "own property"?
> If not, then one or the other should be used. If so, then
> [[HasOwnProperty]] should be defined somewhere in the spec.

Array.prototype.sort should have been defined in terms of
[[GetOwnProperty]]. That is, the text in should be

# • The result of calling the [[GetOwnProperty]] internal method of
#   proto with argument ToString(j) is not *undefined*.

(Incidentally, I don't see any errata for the published standard at

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