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Mike Wilson mikewse at
Fri Dec 11 12:08:42 PST 2009

Mark S. Miller wrote:

If we're looking for a convention that is 
* does not admit any legacy ES3R non-array non-host objects (to prevent
false positives)
* does easily allow ES5 programmers to define new array-like non-array
* takes bounded-by-constant time (i.e., no iteration)
* is a reasonably compatible compromise with the existing notions of
array-like in legacy libraries as represented by previous examples in this

then I suggest:

function isArrayLike(obj) {
  var len;
  return !!(obj &&
            typeof obj === 'object' && 
            'length' in obj && 
            !({}), 'length') && 
            (len = obj.length) >>> 0 === len);

Thanks Mark, this is the right way to approach it I think. String objects
will be considered array-like above which may not be desired, but either
way, I think it is this type of guideline that can prove valuable, so host
objects and libraries can make sure to adhere (or make sure not to adhere)
to that pattern. I'm not sure where it should be put, but maybe there should
be an official ES "duck" page with committee approved patterns ;-).
Best regards
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