Weak references and destructors

Charles Jolley charles at sproutit.com
Thu Dec 10 09:44:17 PST 2009


I was wondering if any thought has gone into adding weak references and destructors to Harmony.  

We are finding that as we build large, long running JS apps, it is very hard to keep memory under control using the built-in GC since any reference - even for caching - will prevent the memory from being reclaimed.

If we had a way to keep weak references for caches, the GC could reclaim a lot more of our memory automatically.  If a destructor were called before an object was dealloc'ed, we could clean up caches and tear down additional references, possibly allowing further memory to be reclaimed as well.

Of course I can implement something like explicit reference counting in existing ES engines to get around this but then we lose many of the benefits of automated GC.


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