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Breton Slivka wrote:
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>> That would however depend on an assessment of whether browser
>> implementors had succeeded in implementing secure and correct
>> ES5->AST parsers (with a mode that accepts exactly ES5 as specified,
>> not ES5 plus undocumented cruft and short-cuts for edge cases).
> would it make sense to abandon our attachment to using the browser
> native parser, and just implement an ES5 parser/serializer as a
> seperate standard unit, without ties to the js engine itself? Would
> there be significant disadvantage to having two parsers in one ES
> interpreter?

What "attachment to using the browser native parser"? It's an
implementation detail how the ES5->AST parser is constructed.
However, I wouldn't expect many implementors to want to duplicate
code and effort.

Note that with an event-driven parser, for example, it's trivially
easy to plug in different event consumers to the same parser and
generate different AST formats.

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