Addition of a global namespace function?

Kevin Curtis kevinc1846 at
Mon Dec 7 04:37:43 PST 2009

Alex Russell wrote:
> Nope. I'm only suggesting that we need to get to "use better_thing" SRTL and
> that ES5 strict mode doesn't fix the problem in an appreciable way for most
> content. I expect we're in agreement.

Re SRTL and the scope/timeframes for ES6.

How about an ES6 which focuses on:
- removing cruft-weirdness. e.g. global on the scope chain.
- adding core runtime semantics which improve security, simplicity and
speed. e.g "use lexical"/let, revised function, hermetic eval. And
especially, first class support of modules without rewriting.

Sugar, decimal, operator overloading etc - all good things - can be
ES7+. And build on a solid ES6 foundation.

If an iterator protocol goes in ES6 maybe it could take the form:
Object.defineIterator(o, function() {...});
Same for catchalls:
Object.defineCatchall(o, function() {...});

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