AST in JSON format

Oliver Hunt oliver at
Mon Dec 7 03:58:41 PST 2009

On Dec 7, 2009, at 3:52 AM, Kevin Curtis wrote:

> No spec as yet - more a speculative prototype.
> The patch creates a subdir 'ast-test' in the V8 dir which contain a
> range of JS source examples covering the ECMAScript grammar. These
> examples (and any other JS scripts) can be parsed to JsonML using the
> shell script (which calls JSON.AST.Parse()):
> ./ ast-test/forin.js
> The project is an attempt to use the (already pretty generic) JsonML
> output feature offered by the V8 deug shell as a starting point for a
> generic standarized JSON AST format. Thus, output from from an
> unpatched V8 debug shell can also give a good feel of what the JsonML
> looks like. (Note: this output is incomplete - it prints only the node
> name for some AST constructs):
> ./shell_g file.js --print-json-ast
> It would be useful to get a feel whether the general idea is a starter
> - or non-starter. Maybe it merits a wiki straw man entry.

Maybe i've missed an email or something, but what is the purpose of this spec?  What is it trying to let developers do?


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