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Ryan Gies ryan at livesite.net
Thu Dec 3 15:10:48 PST 2009

I appreciate this thread as it has made me aware of the CommonJS effort 
which is of dear interest.  I will certainly continue there, however I 
simply want to contribute the work I have done to find the ECMAScript 
way to manage packages and classes.  For reference, and whatever value 
it may have, this is a bare-bones implementation which matches what you 

Documentation: http://support.livesite.net/products/es/docs/?doc=es1.doc
Source: http://support.livesite.net/products/es/es1.js

And should there be any further interest, you can see a bit of what I 
have built upon this system:


On 12/02/2009 01:36 AM, Michael Haufe wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 10:59 PM, Mark A. Ziesemer 
> <online at mark.ziesemer.com <mailto:online at mark.ziesemer.com>> wrote:
> > I'm sorry - I may very well be missing something, but I don't see how
> > this is at all related (?).  What I'm proposing would be somewhat
> > related to the YAHOO.namespace function
> > (http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/docs/YAHOO.html), though without being
> > limited to children of the "YAHOO" global object.  Actually, the YAHOO
> > version and others would be able to utilize the version I'm proposing
> > within their versions.
> If the point is to prevent pollution of global code, the proposed 
> module system solves that more securely since it can prevents 3rd 
> party code from doing anything nasty. There is also a related package 
> system they are discussing:
> http://wiki.commonjs.org/wiki/Packages
> I've been burned in the past by bad libraries using this idea, so I'm 
> weary of it admittedly.
> Peter Michaux wrote an excellent article on the subject here:
> http://peter.michaux.ca/articles/javascript-namespacing
> Though I don't agree with his solution of using an underscore naming 
> convention, I believe he does justice in defining the problem.
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