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Wed Aug 26 16:10:06 PDT 2009

On Thu, 27 Aug 2009 00:52:20 +0200, Oliver Hunt <oliver at> wrote:

>> Quick word about the test suite: it's current home is  
>> where you can have a look at the  
>> README, load runner.htm to run all tests (Warning: if you do that in  
>> IE8 something makes it eat all your memory and make the PC entirely  
>> unusable!) or browse through folders to individual tests. Hope it's  
>> useful to all you implementers out there. Feedback welcome :)
> The spec only defines Date.prototype.toJSON now -- so the tests for  
> toJSON on String, Boolean and Number are wrong (technically they should  
> not be present, and stringification should work if they aren't).

Aha, I was wondering why Safari failed all those tests - completely missed  
that these were removed from the spec :-p

> Octal values are completely specified -- the lexer defined in ES5 and  
>  disallows a leading 0 on any value not between -1 and 1.

Right - I think the test itself is valid, so I just need to fix the  
comment saying it's an unspecified assertation, right?
(test is )

> You should also ensure comments are not allowed in the content.

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