Initial ECMA formated ES5 draft available

Allen Wirfs-Brock Allen.Wirfs-Brock at
Sat Aug 22 16:09:18 PDT 2009

From: Mark S. Miller [mailto:erights at]
>Sent: Saturday, August 22, 2009 2:22 PM
>If we can't agree on that, then let's please at least revert to the ES3 language or accept David-Sarah's proposed change. Any of these options are better >than leaving the current ES5 language alone.

The only changes in the current draft in section 11.4.3 (typeof operator) from the ES3 language relate to host objects.  As I read it, nothing related native objects is in anyway different between Es3 and ES5 in this sections.

ES3 "object": Object (native and doesn't implement [[Call]])
ES5 "object": Object (native and does not implement [[Call]])
ES3 "function": Object (native and implements [[Call]])
ES5 "function": Object (native or host and does implement [[Call]])

ES3 Implementation dependent:  Object (host)
ES5 Implementation-defined except may not be "undefined", "boolean", "number", or "string". : Object (host and does not implement [[Call]])

I don't think you want be to revert the host object related changes, do you?


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