Initial ECMA formated ES5 draft available

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>  The ES5 draft has now been reformatted to conform to current ECMA
> conventions. Somewhat uglier, IMHO, but it’s what we have to conform to.
> This draft is available at the usual place
Allen, thanks for doing this. It's awesome to see this come together so

> Things that have been recently discussed but which have resulted in no
> change. Issue deferred until next edition [...]
> typeof operator and callable RegExps
> On this issue, I do object. From discussions on the list, it seems we have
a clear consensus to change this to something more sensible. I agree it does
make some sense for the committee to defer to editor's prerogative to some
extent, especially considering the asymmetry of work undertaken. But given
the direction we likely wish to take this in the future, the ES5 draft spec
language here is, as previously discussed, likely *worse* than reverting
this table to the ES3 spec language. Better is to have typeof "function" iff
[[Class]] is "Function". This requires only the change to the table that
Brendan asked someone to draft and which I have posted to the list.

If we can't agree on that, then let's please at least revert to the ES3
language or accept David-Sarah's proposed change. Any of these options are
better than leaving the current ES5 language alone.

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