Initial ECMA formated ES5 draft available

Allen Wirfs-Brock Allen.Wirfs-Brock at
Sat Aug 22 14:00:41 PDT 2009

The ES5 draft has now been reformatted to conform to current ECMA conventions. Somewhat uglier, IMHO, but it's what we have to conform to.

This draft is available at the usual place

There are undoubtedly some typographic bugs lurking after this massive conversion so please take a careful look at it as soon as possible.  This probably a good time to consider looking at a printed copy.
Also, reports of any technical bugs are still welcome but please hold feature additions/changes for the next edition.

My goal is to distribute to TC39 members  in the first week of September the truly final document that we expect to approve at our Septembers meeting so any feedback on this draft really is needed as soon as possible.

Finally, here are the technical changes that have been incorporated into this version:
10.6 Arguments Object has reverted to having Object.prototype as its [[prototype]]. Object.defineProperties "atomic" processing clarified. Array.prototype.indexOf and lastIndexOf now use Strict Equality Comparison rather than SameValue algorithm value of length property explicitly specified for each "Array extra" function.
15.12.3 JSON.stringify duplicate entries are filtered from  the optional whitelist argument.

Things that have been recently discussed but which have resulted in no change. Issue deferred until next edition
typeof operator and callable RegExps Daylight Savings Time Adjustments

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