Callable RegExp vs. typeof (was: Re: Draft of Function.prototype.bind.)

Brendan Eich brendan at
Thu Aug 13 15:38:58 PDT 2009

On Aug 13, 2009, at 2:07 PM, Luke Smith wrote:

> Practically, I see no value in the extension, since it is just  
> shorthand for an existing API.  And the fact that it has  
> repercussions elsewhere in the runtime is another point against it.
> Luke

You don't need to convince me! But the extension is old, it has grown  
a user base, and it's now hard to remove. If it spread via Mozilla  
compatibility due to the way JS is user-agent-forked in Web content,  
then I'm skeptical that this extension common among non-IE browsers  
can be revoked in a coordinated and timely way.

I don't agree with Mark that fixing Array.prototype.indexOf in draft  
ES5 to match all the real, shipping implementations is equivalent to  
revising the typeof sub-spec per David-Sarah's proposal to match  
callable-RegExp reality. That latter bit of reality is mixed: some  
browsers (IE versions) do not implement RegExp [[Call]]. Others do,  
but those others do not all report "function" from typeof /a/.

The messiness is not just a difference in degree of de-facto standards  
agreement compared to indexOf. It also shows greater complexity in the  
particulars, and in the ambiguous ES3 chapter 16 language.

So until just recently (today ;-), I was content to defer David- 
Sarah's fix while we (Mozilla) tried to find a way to remove  
callability from our RegExp implementation. But your summary in that bug shed light (for me at least) on how far this bad old  
extension has spread. It's not just us at Mozilla who would have to  
remove callability, which seems hard enough by itself. Could all the  
non-IE implementations revoke this extension?

Anyway, thanks for your comments in that webkit bug!


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