The precise meaning of "For each named own enumerable property name P of O"

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Oops, this wasn't really about for-in.

In Object.defineProperties should really be (inerted new step 3 and modified renumbered step 4:

1.      If Type(O) is not Object throw a TypeError exception.
2.      Let props be ToObject(Properties).
3.    Let names be an internal list containing names of each enumerable own property of props
4.      For element P of names in list order,
   a.      Let descObj be the result of calling the [[Get]] internal method of props with P as the argument.
   b.      Let desc be the result of calling ToPropertyDescriptor with descObj as the argument.
   c.      Call the [[DefineOwnProperty]] internal method of O with arguments P, desc, and true.
5.      Return O.

If an implementation defines a specific order of enumeration for the for-in statement, that same enumeration order must be used to order the list in step 3 of this algorithm

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>ES5 section 12.6 (for-in statement) says:
>The mechanics and order of enumerating the properties (step 6.a in the
>first algorithm, step 7.a in the second) is not specified. Properties of
>the object being enumerated may be deleted during enumeration. If a
>property that has not yet been visited during enumeration is deleted,
>then it will not be visited. If new properties are added to the object
>being enumerated during enumeration, the newly added properties are
>guaranteed not to be visited in the active enumeration.
>ES3 says pretty much the same thing with minor wording tweaks.
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>>What is the behavior when the body of the loop may have side effects?
>>There are a number of these for the Object.* hooks, but I'm most
>>specifically considering Object.defineProperties, in the case when some
>>getter executed in the body of that loop (also in ToPropertyDescriptor)
>>results in a new property being added, a future property being removed,
>>a property being readded with the same name (does it attempt to define
>>the property twice?) -- all the usual enumeration hazards, but most
>>particularly the last one because of potential weirdness of defining
>>same property twice with conflicting attributes between the two
>>descriptors (if the appropriate behavior were specified to trigger
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