Downloading source

Dave Herman dherman at
Thu Apr 16 13:08:57 PDT 2009

> I got 77% and the downloading then just stopped. Now,
> if I try I can not get any of the source to come down.
> (My ISP does not limit the of downloads).

I don't see anything in the server logs, so I'm not sure what to tell 
you. You could try to download it from another computer. I'd be willing 
to put the file up on another temporary server for you, but I suspect 
this isn't actually going to help you, because...

> My real issue is more meta. I've got a javascript
> constraint engine which seems to work with SpiderMonkey
> 1.8. What I'd like to do is create a version of the
> constraint engine code that uses some of the new
> javascript features such as "class".

ES4 has been superseded by the work on ES5 and ES6 ("Harmony"). Classes 
are still being discussed as part of the design for Harmony, but they 
will most likely be significantly different from the classes of the 
proposed ES4. I wouldn't recommend starting a new project based on the 
proposed features of ES4.


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