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Dave Herman dherman at
Thu Apr 16 09:09:35 PDT 2009

Hi Rich,

I'm not able to reproduce the problem. Are you still having trouble 
downloading the source file? I'm able to download it fine on my computer.

BTW, I should note that these files are very outdated-- they are from 
work on Edition 4, which has been superseded by work on Edition 5 and 

I've updated the web site so it reflects some of the more 
recent work on Edition 5 and Harmony, and noted that the reference 
implementation work is no longer current. My apologies for not updating 
the web site sooner.


Rich Emberson wrote:
> I was visiting and
> decided that I'd like to run the early access
> RefImpl on my 64bit linux box. So, I tried to
> download the source from
> es4-pre-release.M2.source.tar.gz
> No, luck. I get to the license page, click agree
> and the continue button but nothing happens and
> the site times out.
> I can download the pre-build files just not the
> source file.
> Thanks
> Richard
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