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Sorry about that. For some reason I misread the post as stating that they
did not refer to the same property (Hence showing an example that in fact
they did)


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On Sep 24, 2008, at 8:41 AM, Michael wrote:

Maciej wrote:

"I'm not sure what you are getting at. a[1] and a[1.000] refer to the  

same property in ECMAScript, but a[1m] and a[1.000m] would not. Are  

you saying this isn't a problem?"

This is not quite true as you can see here:

var a = [];

a[1] = "foo";

a[1.00] = "bar";


WScript.Echo("length: "+a.length + "\n["+ a.join()+"]")


length: 2



This shows that a[1] and a[1.00] refer to the same property as Maciej said
(a[1.000] also refers to a[1]).


What "This" did you mean "is not quite true"?


The issue is not how a value is spelled using a literal. It's that decimal
as proposed remembers its "scale" based on its spelling, and scale affects
toString() result. That's different from the case with number (double) in JS




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