ES Decimal status

Sam Ruby rubys at
Wed Sep 24 10:59:40 PDT 2008

Brendan Eich wrote:
> This a === b => o[a] is o[b] invariant (ignore the tiny number  
> exceptions; I agree they're undesirable spec bugs) is what folks on  
> the list are concerned about breaking, for integral values.  
> Fractional index values and strings consisting of numeric literals  
> with and without trailing zeroes are different use-cases, not of  
> concern.

This is most helpful.  It would suggest that 1.20 is not a significant 
concern, but 1e+2 is a potential concern.  (I'd also suggest that values 
with an absolute value less than 2**53 are not a concern)

Short of numeric literals explicitly expressed in such a manner, 
multiplication won't tend to produce such values, but division by values 
such as 0.1 may.

My intuition continues to be that such occurrences would exceedingly be 
rare.  Particularly given the use case of array indexes.

> /be

- Sam Ruby

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