ES3.1 Draft: 22 Sep 2008 "Redmond" version available

Waldemar Horwat waldemar at
Tue Sep 23 13:09:22 PDT 2008

What parts should I look at?  The decimal stuff in the document is inconsistent and looks like it's not ready for review yet.


Pratap Lakshman (VJ#SDK) wrote:
> I have uploaded to the wiki (link 
> <>) 
> the 22 Sep 2008 draft of the specification for ES3.1. This is in the 
> form of in-place edits and markups to the ES3 specification. Revision 
> history is at the end of the document.
> This shall be the document to use for review at the upcoming TC39 
> meeting (24/25/26 Sep, Microsoft, Redmond). If there are any updates or 
> revisions prior to the meeting, we will post them on the wiki as well as 
> on the discuss lists.

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