use decimal

Douglas Crockford douglas at
Wed Sep 17 14:34:38 PDT 2008

Sam Ruby wrote:

> To the extent that I understand Doug's proposal, it essentially is an
> opt-in that would remove a feature (binary64 floating points); and
> therefore would likely be about as successful as an opt-in that
> removed another feature that Doug dislikes, such as "with".  Am I
> missing something?

It would replace a feature that many consider to be broken with a feature that 
we hope will work better.

Most JavaScript programs would not notice if we changed the underlying type to 
integer. The most common operations on intentionally real numbers are on money 
and percentages. Those programs would benefit from a non-disruptive decimal option.

There are too many loose threads for the ES3.1 window. I hope we can get this 
stuff resolved in Harmony.

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