P T Withington ptw at
Thu Sep 11 08:25:54 PDT 2008

On 2008-09-10, at 03:49EDT, Brendan Eich wrote:

> Constructors can't be .apply'ed when invoked
> via operator new -- a bug that the proposed and so-far warmly-
> received spread operator solves nicely:
>   new callable(...argsarray)
> Note no explicit |this| parameter for constructors, so spread does
> not solve the Function.prototype.apply problem for plain calls:
>   Safe.universalApply(callable, thisobj, argsarray)
> can't be rewritten as:
>   callable(this=thisobj, ...argsarray)
> as Tucker suggested recently (he used receiver=, but I still think
> this assignment is better, since it's illegal currently and it avoids
> adding a new contexually reserved word -- detail!).

It's great when you read more into my comments than I intended :)

I was proposing being able to rename `this` in the body of a method by  
naming it in the formals (parameter) list.  My purpose was to make it  
easier to understand when `this` is being closed over in an internal  
function.  You are proposing being able to assign to it in the actuals  
(arguments) list.  A nice parallelism.

> Still, if we had spread, would we be bothering with Function.apply,
> or with those pesky strict mode arguments tweaks? Food for thought.
> Sometimes adding new syntax avoids silly name mangling and
> unnecessary modalities.


  Function.prototype.bind = function(this=thisFunc,  
context, ...partial) {
    return function( {
      return thisFunc(this=context, ...partial,;

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