return when desugaring to closures

Waldemar Horwat waldemar at
Tue Oct 14 11:19:25 PDT 2008

Brendan Eich wrote:
>> What did you mean by "had better fail to compile"?  Other than the 
>> type annotation, there is nothing about
>> function f() {
>>  x = 15;
>>  ...
>>  var t = some_runtime_expression;
>>  ...
>>  var x:t = ...
>> }
>> that ought to fail to compile.
> The assignment to x in that temporal dead zone before t's initializer 
> has been evaluated.
> Why is this different if you s/var x/let x/?

Ah, ok.  That's good news!  For a long time I wanted to make statically detectable uses of a variable before its let or const declaration runs to be compile-time errors.  You can't detect all of them due to closures, but you can detect most in practice.  I'm glad you agree.


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