Should host objects be able to have [[Class]] "Function", "Array" etc.?

Blake Kaplan mrbkap at
Mon Nov 17 12:17:44 PST 2008

On 11/15/2008 09:40 PM, Garrett Smith wrote:
> Standardizing an MSIE property that works differently than in MSIE
> creates compatibility problems on the web. A better alternative would
> be to use a different property name.

Who is supposed to use the better name here? Mozilla added undetectable 
document.all support to allow sites that didn't bother testing if the 
current browser was IE (e.g. via |if (document.all)| type tests) some 
chance of working. We obviously can't expose the same object under a 
different name as that would defeat the purpose. It isn't a 100% 
solution, but often these hacks won't be and don't need to be.

I don't think anybody is suggesting that these properties become part of 
the standard. It seems to me that a conforming implementation should be 
able to implement such compatibility hacks though, which is why they 
were brought up.
Blake Kaplan

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