Kona [[Getter]] and [[Setter]] descriptions

Allen Wirfs-Brock Allen.Wirfs-Brock at microsoft.com
Sun Nov 16 21:48:05 PST 2008

While I think it is fine to be tuning the language of these definition, the key point, as I mentioned in an earlier message, is that these definitions are not really normative with regard to such behavior.  There are other normative portions of the specification that define precisely when and how [[Getter]] and [[Setter]] are used.

Also, we have plenty of time over the next couple months to fine tune this sort of language.  In preparations for next week meeting it is probably most important to put time into identifying where there are real unresolved technical decisions that need to be finalized. Tweaking the wording the reflect the intent of those decisions can follow after the meeting.


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>Allen Wirfs-Brock wrote:
>> OK, I like those definitions.  Even though I just changed it I would
>now go back to calling them methods rather than functions (because this
>is bound when the functions are invoked).  Also we lost the "is" before
>"read" in the [[Getter]] definition.  So, the final form would be:
>> [[Getter]]  A zero-argument method called to produce the property
>value each time the property is read.
>> [[Setter]]  A one-argument method called with the assigned value each
>time the property is assigned. The effect of a property's [[Setter]]
>method may, but is not required to, affect the value produced by
>subsequent calls to the property's [[Getter]] method.
>It is unclear what "read" and "assigned" mean here. If they mean uses of
>GetValue and PutValue, the descriptions are not strictly correct.
>David-Sarah Hopwood
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