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Wed Nov 12 19:35:46 PST 2008

"All ECMAScript objects have an internal property..."


The word "all" used to be "native".

I looked for a definition of "ECMAScript object" and couldn't find one
around section 4.3.6. Initially I assumed "ECMAScript object" must
mean "native object". Later reading seemed to make that unclear.

I think either "ECMAScript object" must be defined in section 4.3 or
the above quotation changed to the following as "native object" and
"host object" are defined terms.

"All native objects and host objects have an internal property..."

The use of just "ECMAScript object" occurs elsewhere.


Along the same vein, the table of content states (twice for some
reason) that section 15 is called "Native ECMAScript Objects". As
"native object" is the well defined term in section 4.3.6, shouldn't
section 15 be called just "Native Objects".

If the title of section 15 is to remain unchanged then I think section
4.3.6 should state that "native ECMAScript object" is a synonym for
"native object". I don't like this option of having unnecessary
synonyms, better to just choose, but at least defining the synonyms
would be better than the current situation.


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