Initial comments on Kona draft

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Sat Nov 15 10:43:51 PST 2008

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>Here are my preliminary comments.  I haven't reviewed the entire draft
>    Waldemar
>Overall:  With "const" missing, the changes to chapter 8 for attribute
>description become premature standardization and should be cut.  The
>problem is that these changes are likely to be incompatible with ES-
>Harmony for the same reasons that cut "const".  Without "const" we have
>no way of testing this, and I would not support issuing a standard only
>to have to say "oops" a few months later.

Could you elaborate?  The majority of attribute related changes in chapter 8 are motivated by the reification of property attributes via Object.getOwnProptertyDescript and Object.defineProperty. It don't see where you are connecting them to "const".  One the other hand, if you had said chapter 10 I might see where you were coming from


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