Draft of Function.prototype.bind.

Allen Wirfs-Brock Allen.Wirfs-Brock at microsoft.com
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Agreed, I believe that the current intent (Sam??) is for decimal to be implemented as a complete parallel to Number with a distinct primitive value type, an wrapper constructor that creates objects with a distinct [[Class]] value, appropriate conversion functions, etc.  However, this still this doesn't appear to be fully realized in the current draft.

In addition to the problems areas Brendan pointed out, all the operators defined in section 11 continue to show confusion between primitive decimal values and decimal wrapper objects and  decimal is not integrated into the ToPrimitive/[[DefaultValue]]/hint mechanisms of the specification.

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> > Actually, Decimal would be another...
> Good point. But Decimal is not listed in "15.1.4 Constructor
> Properties of the Global Object".
> I just searched for Decimal and ToDecimal in the latest 3. 1 draft,
> and it does not hang together. Nowhere in chapter 9 is the Decimal
> type defined or broken out, but 4.3.3 says that Decimal is a type,
> while 4.3.4 says "A Decimal object is a member of the type Object and
> is an instance of the built-in Number object." 15.13 contradicts this.
> The use of "decimal representation" in 15.7 to mean arbitrary
> precision decimal is confusing.
> /be

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