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Thu Nov 6 10:45:07 PST 2008

Here is the end-game plan that I envision taking into account my perception of the current state of the draft:

1) Latter today, a review draft for the Kona meeting will be published.  This draft is intended to be technically complete but does internally identify various unresolved technical issues. In addition, we (everybody involved with ES3.1) should strive to identify any additional unresolved technical issues prior to the Kona meeting.
2) At Kona, the goal is to resolve all outstanding technical issues and reach consensus that  with those resolutions we have concluded the technical "feature" design and revision of ES3.1
3) Within two weeks after the end of the Kona meeting, a final technical draft that incorporates the Kona decisions is published.  The intent is for this to be the frozen technical specification that is the basis of trial implementations and interoperability testing.
4) Before the end of December TC-39, meeting electronically, accepts the post Kona draft as the frozen specification.
5) Test implementation work begins (if it hasn't already, the results of the Kona meeting should actually be sufficient to start such work)
6) The frozen December draft will still have non-technical editorial issues such as formatting, styling, spelling, etc.  It will probably also have some technical specification issues where the technical intent has been decided (at Kona or previously) but where the actual specification language is unclear, ambiguous, or otherwise problematic. In additional, it is reasonable to expect that trial implementation will uncover some additional specification issues.
7) During January and February work will continue on polishing the specification to resolve all such editorial and specification issues.
8) No technical changes will be made to the feature content of the specification unless they are necessary to resolve issues identified by trial implementations/interoperability testing.
9) Final publication quality draft and interoperability testing results are reviewed (and hopefully approved) at March TC-39 meeting.
10) The proposed standard advances through the CC to the GA for consideration at the June GA meeting.


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