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> ES3.1 is premised on accepting these dynamics, being originally conceived
> as "ES3 + reality".
I have heard this repeated many times. I'm not sure where this comes from,
but that has never been the sole conception of ES3.1 by the people
advocating it or working on it. One can examine the history of <> to see the
timeline of ES3.1 goals. In particular, Pratap's text as of April 2007 --
long before I got involved -- reads:

- Improve implementation conformance by rewriting the specification to
improve its rigor and clarity, and by correcting known points of ambiguity
or under specification.
- Add commonly implemented and used extensions to the standard (specifically
most JavaScript 1.6 and 1.7 features)
- Incorporate high leverage incremental extensions that support current
usage experience and best practices
- Adopt low impact language changes that correct well known performance or
reliability issues
- Identify problematic features to be designated as deprecated
- Maximize both forward and backwards compatibility between ES3 and ES3.1 as
well as between ES3.1 and ES4.

That's a lot more than "ES3+Reality".

By February 2008, our goals were even more distinct from just ES3+Reality:

   1. Browser implementation unification: Consider adopting features that
   are already implemented in 3 of the 4 browser brands, or that are deployed
   in 3 out 4 user computers and reduce cross browser incompatibilities.
   2. ES3.1 shall improve the language to benefit casual developers by
   reducing confusing or troublesome constructs.
   3. ES3.1 shall improve the language to benefit major websites by reducing
   confusing or troublesome constructs.
   4. ES4 shall become a superset of ES3.1.
   5. ES3.1 shall be a friendly base for a secure subset.
   6. ES3.1 shall attempt to correct errors in ES3.
   7. ES3.1 new features shall require concrete demonstrations.
   8. ES3.1 may deprecate (or eliminate with opt-in) features that are
   problematic for performance, security, or reliability.
   9. ES3.1 shall provide virtualizability, allowing for host object

So can we please now put this rumor to rest? Thanks.

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