=== again (sorry)

Mike Cowlishaw MFC at uk.ibm.com
Mon Nov 3 11:54:58 PST 2008

> Re: === again (sorry)
> I see a small risk with changing this. Array.prototype.indexOf is 
> widely emulated in IE and is also used a lot in browser that support it.
> This change would cause issues with NaN and -0.  However I don't think 
> that changing these 2 edge cases would lead to too many serious issues.

Those two cases are not 'edge cases' to mathematicians and the IEEE 754 
standards committee.  I confess that I am no longer up-to-date on all the 
details of the particular ECMAScript methods, but -- please -- do not put 
in place changes that would make it difficult for ECMAScript to interact 
with languages that do support IEEE 754.

For example, ES3 makes no distinction between quiet NaNs and signaling 
NaNs.  Some future ECMScript will surely need to, in order to accept and 
return those values with other languages and systems that do support IEEE 


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