Proposed ES4 draft 1

Lars Hansen lhansen at
Sat May 31 12:25:48 PDT 2008

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> Hello,
> Does anyone else hate PDF?

Would you prefer .doc?  ;)

> I want to be able to link to, and discuss this. PDF does not 
> allow me to do this. It is difficult to copy paste between pages.
> What is wrong with HTML?

Nothing, and in fact the source document for the PDF is an HTML
document, as you may have guessed.  The main problem with posting that
is that most browsers have problems with the CSS it uses, in my
experience it only renders and prints correctly in some versions of
Opera.  The CSS could be broken and I'd appreciate corrections to it,
but I suspect it's browsers lagging or getting it wrong.  (On the other
hand, Opera's printing subsystem raises all monospace fonts by a couple
of points so the result is far from pretty.  Sigh.)

I'll look into putting the HTML up on sometime this week.
Thanks for bringing it up.


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