ES3.1 Draft: Array generics

Garrett Smith dhtmlkitchen at
Sat May 31 01:44:01 PDT 2008

2008/5/19 Pratap Lakshman (VJ#SDK) <pratapl at>:
> I have uploaded to the wiki a draft proposal (link) for Array generics.
> I have extracted the Array portion of the ES3 spec, added a rationale (with
> hyperlinks) at the beginning, and made relevant changes to the included
> section 15.4 text, with some comments added. I have tried to be mindful of
> compat.

"If Type(callbackfn) is not a function, throw a TypeError exception."

There is no function Type defined in ES 3.1. Are you incorporating the
ES4 Type, or does callbackfn must implement [[Call]]?

It would be sufficient and more correct to say: "throw a TypeError"
rather than "throw a TypeError exception"

As with my comment for ES4, there are many benefits to having the spec
in HTML. It is easy to link directly to a fragment, it doesn't take a
plugin, I don't get prompted to update Acrobat Reader, HTML is not
slow to load as launching Reader is.

But most of all, it is easier for the rest of the world to link to and
discuss (if that is desirable to the committee)



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