A random collection of ES4 draft spec surprises and thoughts

Jeff Dyer jodyer at adobe.com
Mon May 26 14:16:20 PDT 2008

On 5/26/08 12:01 PM, Brendan Eich wrote:

> On May 26, 2008, at 11:06 AM, Mark S. Miller wrote:
>> Doing so breaks the subset
>> relationship between JSON and EcmaScript. (Granted, we also need to
>> acknowledge that this relationship is currently broken by Firefox.
> Not Firefox -- both Mozilla JS implementations (SpiderMonkey and
> Rhino) support __proto__ (readably -- let's ignore the writable case).
> ActionScript also had read-only __proto__ in at least one of its
> versions. I'm not sure if it still does in AS3.

__proto__ is not supported in AS3, to my knowledge. Any anyways, if there is
controversy here it should be that __proto__ is being reserved in ES4 and is
not as generally usable as in ES3 and ancestors. Not, that it has special
meaning at certain points in the grammar.


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