getter and setter inheritance

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Fri May 9 09:49:59 PDT 2008

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> 2008/5/9 Lars Hansen <lhansen at>:
> > My view is that getters and setters introduce properties 
> and that whatever we do should be appropriate to that model.
> That is pretty much my view as well.

See my more recent message for an elaboration of that, but I don't
think we disagree.

> Just a couple of questions that might need addressing, if it
> hasn't been dealt with already:
> - Can you have a property together with a getter and/or a setter?

Not in ES4, though you can use different namespaces of course:

  class C {
    function get x() private::x
    function set x(v) private::x = toInt32(v)
    private var x = 0

> - If so:
>   * Is there any way to reach that property from inside the 
> getter/setter without ending up recurring into the getter/setter?
>   * Can a setter modify the property if there is a property 
> but no getter?
>   * Can a getter read the property if there is a property but 
> no setter?

The catchall mechanism has to deal with these issues and have a
way of asking for default behavior to be invoked.  I'll have more
to say about this next week.


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