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> Subject: Strict mode recap
> Here are the items mentioned for inclusion in strict mode:
> - Don't turn a null 'this' value into the global object  (if 
> non-strict mode in ES4 doesn't already do this)
> - Throw on writes to read-only properties
> - Throw on deletes of dontdelete properties
> - delete o.x when x is not in o but in the proto will throw

Actually delete o.x when x is not an own property on o,
regardless of whether x in o.

> - Reference before definition causes static errors (in some contexts?)

Subject to further refinement and the belief in the WG that 
the necessary analysis is affordable on smaller systems.
To my knowledge this is one of two items on the list
requiring interesting compile-time analysis, and though
it is desirable it may be too much, given that the run-time
semantics are clear enough.  We had previously placed all
interesting compile-time analyses in the verifier, which
was considered optional.

> - Function arity checking at run time  (ES4 strict only)
> - Disable global variable auto-creation when referencing one 
> from, for example, within a function
> - Disallow duplicate formal parameters
> - Disallow duplicate names in object initializers
> - Disable FunctionObject.arguments (not actually in ES3 but 
> woefully used in practice)

This is an interesting one, since disallowing it would mean that
the ES3.1 and ES4 specs would have to re-allow it so that they could
explicitly disallow it :)

> - (Maybe) Disallow use of arguments object  (ES4 strict only)
> - (Maybe) Disallow useless expressions

Again, compile-time analysis, though lighter weight.  Hard
to get right and useful at the same time, consider that
(x + "") may have effects if x is not a string (its toString
is called).

> - Prohibit 'with' and locally scoped 'eval'.  Globally scoped 
> 'eval', 'new Function', etc. would still be allowed.

Having thought more about this, we may get away with less
draconian measures for lexically scoped eval -- it's enough
to simply decree that eval may not add bindings to the
caller's binding object in strict mode (a simple run-time check,
effectively the same as disabling global variable auto-creation).

The observation is that reference forms like expr::[expr] require
the same functionality as the constrained, lexically scoped eval
would require anyway, so the benefit of outlawing eval except for
matters of taste is doubtful both in terms of implementation cost
and simplified semantics.

Thanks for posting the list, I will put together a coherent
proposal we can discuss.


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