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Sun Mar 30 20:31:11 PDT 2008

Observed on page 1:

'enum' and 'wrap' do not belong in the list of reserved words.

If 'has' is contextually reserved then so is 'invoke'.


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> Hi,
> I've updated the ES4 grammar files linked from
> This version is my best attempt to describe the syntax of the 
> language that the ES4 working group is converging on. This 
> convergence is reflected in the feature spreadsheet posted at:
> I expect the syntax described by the updated grammar to be 
> fairly representative of the final language that will be 
> proposed by the ES4 working group as the next edition of 
> ECMAScript. Most of the recent changes are either bug fixes 
> or feature cuts. There are few notable additions 
> (SplatExpression may be the only one) or feature redesigns 
> (use strict and LikedPattern being examples). Changes are 
> logged in the Revision History section in the wiki and at the 
> bottom of the spreadsheet.
> NOTE: I have removed from the PDF the columns that show the 
> translation from concrete to surface syntax, as they are out 
> of date. However, you will find these obsolete columns in the 
> updated XLS spreadsheet. I will provide a text based 
> description of this translation in the next week or so.
> Comments welcomed. Enjoy!
> Jd
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