grammar update

Jeff Dyer jodyer at
Sun Mar 30 17:29:37 PDT 2008


I've updated the ES4 grammar files linked from

This version is my best attempt to describe the syntax of the language that
the ES4 working group is converging on. This convergence is reflected in the
feature spreadsheet posted at:

I expect the syntax described by the updated grammar to be fairly
representative of the final language that will be proposed by the ES4
working group as the next edition of ECMAScript. Most of the recent changes
are either bug fixes or feature cuts. There are few notable additions
(SplatExpression may be the only one) or feature redesigns (use strict and
LikedPattern being examples). Changes are logged in the Revision History
section in the wiki and at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

NOTE: I have removed from the PDF the columns that show the translation from
concrete to surface syntax, as they are out of date. However, you will find
these obsolete columns in the updated XLS spreadsheet. I will provide a text
based description of this translation in the next week or so.

Comments welcomed. Enjoy!


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