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David Teller David.Teller at
Fri Mar 28 11:44:26 PDT 2008

Well, most languages have better support for libraries than C or C++.
But there are things that even C has and JS<2 doesn't:
* #include
* a linker
* a somewhat standard manner of distributing these libraries (.a or .so)
* arguably, a [not necessarily hacker-proof] mechanism for sharing
symbols between several components without exposing them to the client.

Note that I'm not attempting to advocate the merits of #include, which I
find rather ugly. I also have no idea whether the linker is part of the
spec or not -- but then, I wasn't discussing specs, more developer
experience, and linkers have been part of the standard package for as
long as I've been programming.

Now, with JS<2, to get something linke #include + linking (or Java's
import), you need to use somewhat more convoluted methods. In addition,
all the techniques I have seen require some hard-wiring inside the
document, which may be good for small webpages, but looks like a rather
bad practice when you're talking about whole applications: essentially,
this is equivalent to putting all your #includes inside the UI code.
Finally, while the methods may work in a webpage, not all of them apply
well to non-web JS -- I'm thinking about off-line extensions, XPCOM or
server-side JS.

This strikes me as a good reason to improve library management in JS.
Which was the case last time I looked at ES4, although I may have missed
a few developments on that front.


On Thu, 2008-03-27 at 10:30 -0400, Mike Shaver wrote: 
> I don't quite understand this -- could you give an example of a
> language that has better support for libraries as part of its language
> specification?  I don't think the C specification includes linking (or
> even the ABI, though C++ grew an ABI specification later), so it seems
> to be about at the same point of "get your code into scope somehow".
> Browsers use <script> for that, and many an AJAX toolkit has added new
> capabilities to the environment through just that means.
> Mike
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