complexity tax

ToolmakerSteve98 toolmakersteve98 at
Wed Mar 26 12:56:41 PDT 2008

"Douglas Crockford" wrote:

> Brendan Eich wrote:
>> 2) competition from other
>> languages in runtimes vying to displace the browser.
> I can't make sense of your point about competition.

>From my perspective, this is about:
. Flash; Silverlight; Java (client side).

Three major approaches requiring large plug-ins to provide a rich 
environment. Notably all three approaches have languages substantially 
beyond Javascript. As a toolmaker, I would love to see convergence between 
Javascript and Flash and a Silverlight language that was powerful enough to 
also use server side a la Java.

Does such a language need to be as extensive as ES4? Probably not.

Is this more urgent than the topics Douglas mentions? That seems worthy of 
more discussion.

Best Regards, ~TMSteve 

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