ES4 draft: the global object

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> > Deprecation does not really buy you anything.  Most people 
> will never 
> > know something is deprecated and even if they do, they will most 
> > likely continue to use it. (Take escape and unescape as example.)
> >
> No, actually, if you deprecate something, and provide a 
> better alternative, you can remove the deprecated thing later.

Actually, if you deprecate something and provide a better alternative
you can keep reducing the quality of the old something almost
indefinitely, but it's questionable that you can ever remove it since
you can't in general know whether content relies on it.  This seems
especially true for script content, in which property names can be
computed at run-time.

So far the ES4 WG has accepted one deprecation, for the arguments
object (because rest arguments and "this function" provides the
same functionality in a cleaner way).  But it took a lot of arm
twisting, and the reality is that the deprecation really isn't worth
anything and the spec probably ought not say that the feature is

The changes you suggest are simple to make but the only effect
to the language is bloat (more features rather than fewer).
It's not like the language will be easier to use just because 
there's a new way to reference isNaN.


> Take Object.prototype.eval, for example. Nobody uses that 
> much anymore. If it's removed from Mozilla, probably some 
> pages will break, but not that many. Most people know better 
> than to use that. I'm surprised it's been hanging around in 
> for so long.
> Garrett
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