ES4 draft: the global object

Garrett Smith dhtmlkitchen at
Tue Mar 25 07:12:01 PDT 2008

There are some global functions that I think should be deprecated and
moved to a relevant class.

encodeURIComponent et al have nothing to do with the Global object.

Same with isNaN, isFinite.

These should be deprecated and moved to the appropriate object. In the
case of encodeURIComponent, that would be a URI object, and ideally
one that would encapsulate useful behavior (not a mishmash of static
methods, e.g. Math).


2008/3/12 Lars Hansen <lhansen at>:
> Enclosing Draft 1 of the global object spec.  Quite a few changes here
>  from ES3, and I've included a  large expository section on eval that may
>  not be appropriate for the final spec but which is probably useful right
>  now, since it's the first attempt at a unified spec for all the eval
>  changes that have been proposed.
>  Probably a few rough edges here, but more than enough to start looking
>  at.
>  --lars
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