Primitives vs. Objects, Ruby-like features

Darryl psygnisfive at
Mon Mar 24 20:39:14 PDT 2008

I'll grant you one thing tho: Ruby requires "99.0"
where JS allows "99.". To be honest, saving that one
character when making whole-number valued floats
(which are indistinguishable form NON floats, i.e. 99
== 99. == 99.0), at the expense of being able to do
99.abs or something like that, is absolutely insane.
The dot adds nothing because without it you get the
same value, and with it all you need is a trailing 0
to be semantically equivalent. There's no good reason
to have the dot as part of the spec for floats at the
expense of being able to use methods directly on numbers.


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