performance of OO dispatch in inner loops

ToolmakerSteve98 toolmakersteve98 at
Mon Mar 24 02:41:16 PDT 2008

From: "David Teller" wrote:
> I concur with that. In order to maintain readability, most optimizations
> should happen behind-the-scene i.e. by using either type inference (or
> something more complicated but of the same kind) or type-feedback.

I totally agree with this; I wouldn't even have brought up the topic of 
static-typing, if it weren't for current state-of-the-art in type inference.

And type-inference is a key part in what has me realize that what I want can 
be achieved in the authoring tools. If I want to insure that what is sent to 
a browser is guaranteed to run within some spec [on devices that are in 
cooperation on this goal], then all I need [with regards to the topic of 
dynamic/static typing] is that the language does have an adequate type 
system; tools can add type annotations (and alert authors to other issues), 
and the devices can take advantage of that information. Other authors and 
other devices can do whatever they do; I don't need to care any more.

I am much more comfortable knowing that these results are not dependent on 
the cutting-edge of dynamic language performance. The whole topic has become 
a non-issue in my mind now -- I will examine what has been said so far about 
the type system proposed for ES4.


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