Renaming ECMAScript 4 for the final standard?

Lemonade Smith lemonadesmith at
Sun Mar 23 01:38:05 PDT 2008

The proposed ECMAScript 4 standard contains very different paradigms to the
current JavaScript/ECMAScript standard. In my view, it is the equivalent of
the changes between C and C++ - it's designed largely to be a revolution
rather than a mere evolution of the current ECMAScript/JavaScript standard.

Therefore I would like to propose that ECMAScript 4 (aka JavaScript 2) has a
different name to minimise confusion and punctuate the difference between
two languages with fundamentally different design decisions and paradigms.
Whatsmore, any name would be free of any trademark issues, unlike the name
JavaScript, and could become a widely used name for the standard, unlike

Has this previously been discussed or is the current name set in stone?

L Smith
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