Array Generics and null

Dean Edwards dean at
Sat Mar 22 13:32:52 PDT 2008

John Resig wrote:
> The issue here is that Array.forEach(null, ...) maps to
>, ...) - and doing a .call() on a
> function produces the global object (which, in a browser like
> Firefox, is equivalent to window.frames - looping over the iframes on
> the page).
> Obviously this issue extends beyond browsers, or this specific
> situation, since this could occur in any situation where the global
> object has a length property.

I'll quote from the base2 mailing list:

Dean Edwards wrote:
 > I think that the problem is that Array generics were added later.
 > From bugzilla:
 >> Array.generic(t, ...) is *intended* to be equivalent to
 >>,  ...).
 > If generics were considered when first designing the language then the
 > above statement would have been the other way round.
 > e.g.
 > Array.prototype.forEach = function(block, context) {
 >   Array.forEach(this, block, context);
 > }

That's how the ES4 defined built-in works:

prototype function forEach(eacher, thisObj=null) {
    Array.forEach(this, eacher, thisObj);


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