Array Generics and null

John Resig jresig at
Sat Mar 22 09:01:23 PDT 2008

Hello all -

I wanted to bring up one point for discussion. Based upon Mozilla's implementation of Array generics (and what will, presumably, be standardized here) you can see that typically doing:

  Array.forEach(null, function(){alert(arguments);});

produces no alerts. However, performing it in a page that has an iframe will
cause it to loop over all the iframes in the page, as in this test case:

The issue here is that Array.forEach(null, ...) maps to, ...) - and doing a .call() on a function produces the global object (which, in a browser like Firefox, is equivalent to window.frames - looping over the iframes on the page).

Obviously this issue extends beyond browsers, or this specific situation, since this could occur in any situation where the global object has a length property.

It seems like there could be a couple solutions:
 - Make .call(null) not map to .call(global). I know that the Caja guys have argued this in the past - where does this stand?
 - Make .forEach(null) do nothing (it's not an object, therefore there's nothing to loop over).
 - Make .forEach(null) throw an exception.

For reference here's the Mozilla bug on the matter:


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